2012 Graduates A – H

Without the assistance of our student workers, we would be unable to fulfill our mission. As a means of honoring those students who work within the UK Library system, we ask each student to choose a book in our collection which has a special significance. Upon graduation, a book plate is placed in the book with the name of the student along with the library/department where he/she worked and the year of his/her graduation.

Alexa Adams

Lea Belton

Jason Boczar–Staff

Alana Boltz

Jennifer Cockerell

Rhoda Dankwa

Bryon Debro

Jamie Doyle

Bridget Farrell

Dan Garrett

Megan Goehler

Heidi P. Hayes

Eleanor Sydney Henschel

Cory Hershberger

Laura Hess

Brittany Hill

Kelly Hill

Mercedes Hopewell

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