Eddie E. Torrance, Jr.

spillTitle: Spill: scenes of black feminist fugitivity

Author: Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Student: Eddie E. Torrance, Jr.

Why this book?   My first reason for choosing this book, Spill by Alexis P. Gumbs was two important words grabbed my attention, and they were “FEMINIST” and FUGITIVITY”. Those two simple words are not as simple as they are made out to be. These two words magnify power, independence, direction, purpose, empowerment, visionary, determination, love, kindness, devotion, gentle as, stronger than, and more importantly, these two words signify something just as powerful as life itself, “I am A Woman.” So what does that mean to you?

Secondly, those two simple words helps me to define me. I see the black woman in her experiences, her way of looking through a prism of colors as a changeling of her times, different and not wanting to be the same. Visionary and passionate. Understanding how to grow beyond the criticism that requires her to be that blemish, (a fugitive) sustainable in her own right. Her thoughts transient and fluid defining and strengthening her, freeing her from her; the violence, the racism, protruding into the world of black feminism; this book, Spill, is so revealing of the truth of a woman who stands of a solid foundation reaching out into the world with a bold, intelligent and philosophical purpose.

Every man is empty without a woman to guide him in the realm of compassion, nurturing that guide man’s curious nature to the gentler side of just “being” and to make him whole and complete. As the fingers are connected to the hand so the man must be connected to all the things in life that allows us to strive for our greatness in serving the love of life, “a WOMAN?” of desire and fire!

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