Karaline Wood

tom jonesTitle: The History of Tom Jones, v.1

Author: Henry Fielding

Student: Karaline Wood

Why this book?   No other book had quite as significant an impact on me during my college career. Tom Jones is a journey in itself as a story of life and self-discovery. Personally, this was one of the first experiences I had with a book where I struggled to get through each page, let alone each chapter. I didn’t like the characters, the storyline, and I especially despised the narrator. You better believe I finished it though, and I got an A on the final paper. Now, every time I spot this book at a store or library, I find I cringe a little.

Looking back on my college career, I see this novel as a sort of metaphor for the past 6 years of my life. There were times that I struggled to get through each day, with homework, work, friends, and trying to make plans for my future and life.

School isn’t easy and there will be times where getting through just one day in the week is a struggle. It was overcoming these moments though, that made me into the person I am today. There is a lot of power in being able to say, “I made it”. I have experienced failures and disappointments in life, but being able to look back on those moments as opportunities for growth and discovery have been very empowering. While I doubt anyone could get real enjoyment out of this book, I have to honestly say it helped me appreciate even the crappier moments in life, as they can be stepping-stones to greater things.

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