Madison Steffi Tackett

hillibillyTitle: Hillbilly Elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis

Author: J.D. Vance

Student: Madison Steffi Tackett

Why this book?   Going away to college taught me many lifelong lessons. Perhaps the lesson I will carry with me forever is learning to love and embrace where I came from. As a young Appalachian woman, J.D. Vance’s memoir on what it means to grow up in Eastern Kentucky resonated with me on a person level and opened my eyes to the importance of my heritage. My plans after college are to go to medical school where I hope to practice medicine in Appalachia. Vance’s book prepared me for my future goals by inspiring me to help the people and places that mean the most to me. Hillbilly Elegy made me laugh when I was feeling down and cry with heartwarming stories of a childhood that I could closely relate with. I’m thankful this book and I found each other when we did and proud to say that it guided me through my senior year of college.

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