Frederick Flemister, Jr.

NOWTitle: The Power of Now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment

Author: Eckhart Tolle

Student: Frederick Flemister, Jr.

Why this book?   Throughout my life, I had minor anxiety when it came to socializing, going to new places, etc. But it was never as bad until I was about to come to college. Once I entered college, I was on anxiety medication and found myself constantly lost or always worrying about the future and pondering on the past. I did not know how to focus on the present and just enjoy the people and situations I was in. There were times where I would just sit and think about whether what I am doing now will be beneficial to me in the future and if it will get me to where I would want to be. Which lead me to always calculate and strategize everything I did, tried to take control of everything and would stress myself over situations and things that I simply could not control. I desperately desired to find ways to help myself and deal with hard times and anxious thoughts better.

After I had enough and was starting to hit rock bottom my spring semester of my sophomore year in college, I started seeking out ways to help deal with my anxiety, books to read to get me on a path of healing and dealing with stress and my anxious thoughts better, spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle that you do YouTube videos of guided meditations, and all those wonderful things that you can do to better your life or bring you peace when going through rough time. This book has helped me in ways that I cannot fully explain in words. Reading this book by Eckhart Tolle has done so much good for my life and I have even recommended his work and lectures to my friends and others I encounter who are also dealing with anxiety, depression or hard times.

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