Evelyn Hudson

arielTitle: Ariel: the restored edition; a facsimile of Plath’s manuscript reinstating her original selection and arrangement

Author: Sylvia Plath

Student: Evelyn Hudson

Why this book?  Sylvia Plath’s poetry was my first meaningful encounter with what words are capable of doing in and for readers. Plath’s poetry is an example of a craft so well-articulated that upon each reading, each analysis, each consideration, something new can be learned or gained. Plath’s genius was both personal and performative. I know by now the blonde-mentally-ill-college-girl-loves-Sylvia-Plath cliché is more than worthy of a good eye roll, but it’s true: I can’t stop reading her, can’t stop coming back to this manuscript over and over again, can’t stop feeling like I am known by every page. I feel like that’s the best thing a book can do: make you feel known.

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