Hayley Harlow

aphrodite  Title: Chasing Aphrodite: the hunt for looted antiquities at the world’s richest museum

Author: Jason Felch & Ralph Frammolino

Student: Hayley Harlow

Why this book?  I read this book for A-H 524, an art history seminar that focused upon the aspects of provenance.  I chose to read it out of interest in classical sculpture, but little did I know that I would open up the thrilling expose of black market antiquities dealers and its decades long, albeit well-hidden, connection to the Getty Museum.  As one who is beginning her career in museum collections management, Chasing Aphrodite was both eye opening and instructive, and provided insight into the collections of the world’s most important cultural institutions in relation to vital issues surrounding provenance. Whether you have a particular interest in museums or not, I guarantee if you pick this book up you won’t be able to put it down.

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