Rachel Combs

lib servicesTitle: Library services for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author: Lesley S. J. Farmer

Student (Staff): Rachel Combs

Why this book?  With Autism becoming the fastest growing developmental disability (CDC, 2008), libraries need to become aware of this growing population in order to educate library staff and be prepared to help people who learn and communicate differently. This book, Library services for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders, is a good introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it includes helpful information that can support library professionals in their quest to build programs with these library users in mind. This book offers practical tools for training library staff and promoting sensitivity and inclusion. Throughout my graduate program, I have thoroughly explored this topic of how libraries can better serve individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and this book was a good jumping off point. I would highly recommend this for anyone in the library field who might be interested in being more intentional with inclusion efforts.

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