Zach Carmichael

Memoirs of William Temple Withers Title: The Cave of Time (Choose Your Own Adventure #1)

Author: Edward Packard

Student: Zach Carmichael

Why this book? For my selection, I chose a series of books that begin with The cave of time. The Choose your own adventure (CYOA) books are classified as game books, where the reader plays an active part of the choices made. When I was growing up, I always looked forward to going to the public library in town to see if any new CYOA books had been put on the shelves. They transported me to different worlds on a number of adventures and encouraged me to keep reaching for the stars. To this day I always get excited when I go to a bookstore because there’s the hope of finding a CYOA or similar book for my collection. I think it is important to hold on to the park and continue following your dreams, especially when things seem tough in the real world; the CYOA books serve as reminders of that for me.

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