Akintomide Mejolagbe

mechanical Title: Mechanical engineering design, 6th edition

Author: Joseph Edward.Shigley Charles R Mischke

Student: Akintomide Mejolagbe

Why this book?  I chose this textbook because of a machine design course (ME 344) I took my junior year. This textbook was “the bible” for the course because of the tables, charts, and equations we had to reference religiously. The spring semester of 2017 was probably the most challenging period of my academic career. I really was not sure if I would pass all my classes. All of the courses were vastly different and time intensive. ME 344 stuck out particularly because of the practicality of the class and my professor, Dr. Stephens. Even though ME 344 was the most time intensive, I learned a lot. I think choosing this book is kind of like conquering a mountain. That mountain for me being Junior year of  mechanical engineering.

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