Bailey Vickers

search  Title: Man’s search for meaning

Author: Viktor E. Frankl

Student: Bailey Vickers

Why this book?  I was asked to read this book for one of my classes and it quickly became a book that I knew I would want to read again. When reading it initially, I was reading it to get answers for a paper to enhance my knowledge of social theories. However, it is also a book that I can read to get answers for my own life. Frankl is a man who survived concentration camps during World War II, and that alone is enough for me to be fascinated with a person because I am not sure I would have survived. What is truly incredible about Frankl, and is laid out in his book, is how he was able to find meaning and hope in such a dark time. In our lives, we all go through rough patches where we think, “Why is this happening to me? What is the point in all this?” This book seeks to explain how you can find meaning in even the darkest of circumstances and can enable the reader to start thinking about and finding the meaning in their own life. With the help of this book, I was able to grow academically, as a social worker, and as a person in general.

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