Isabelle Martin

yourself Title: Yourself in the world: selected writings and interviews

Author: Glenn Ligon (Scott Rothkopf, ed.)

Student: Isabelle Martin

Why this book?  During my sophomore year here at UK, I discovered what I wanted to focus my research on: themes and issues of racial and cultural identity in contemporary art. Glenn Ligon’s work was the single reason for this discovery. His art, which often utilizes texts and passages by writers like Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, and Gertrude Stein, addresses community, history, representation, and visibility. He is without question my favorite artist, and this compilation of interviews and essays expresses not only his unique and careful way of thinking, but also his gentleness and eloquence. With his interests in critical theory and philosophy, he also produces personal essays that are as expressive and powerful as his art. I’ve checked out this book from the library so many times, sometimes simply to have it near me, and sometimes to use it as a reference for other research papers. It’s become extremely special to me, and I’ll remember it not only for it’s content, but also for what it symbolizes to me–that the Fine Arts Library became a home away from home during my time at UK.

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