Nicole Karem

paper Title: Paper towns

Author: John Green

Student: Nicole Karem

Why this book?  One of the easiest and most dangerous mistakes people make is imagining the people in our lives as something they are not. We let our ideas of who we want them to be shape the way we see them, ignoring or refusing to see the parts of them that don’t fit our image and amplifying those that do. Paper towns forces the reader to acknowledge this failure to imagine others complexly and to begin to understand that people are more than our perceptions of them and that they are allowed to be imperfect. This book has shaped the way that I view the world and helped me remember that everyone, from people I have the strongest relationships with to the people I barely know, is more complicated that they seem.  It has impacted my life in ways I could never have imagined before I read it and is a constant reminder of “what a treacherous thing (it is) to believe that a person is more than a person.”

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