Katharine (Katie) Elder

praxisTitle: Praxis Core Study Guide 2018-2019: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators, Exam Prep and Practice Test Questions (5712,5722,5732)

Student: Katharine (Katie) Elder

Why this book?  I chose this book because everyone who is an education major at the University of Kentucky has to pass the Core Praxis to get their teaching certificate. I tried to pass the Core Praxis multiple times, and had no luck. I studied with this book multiple nights of the week, and I am pretty sure there are my tears within this book. I even thought about dropping a major I was heavily passionate about. On my fourth try, I ended up passing the math section of the Praxis, and then I passed the others. This book helped me in so many ways, and I will forever be thankful for it. To people who check out this book, I know you are feeling frustrated, but brighter days are coming. Do not lose hope, and try your hardest.

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