Victoria Johnson

scary Title: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: 3 Books to Chill Your Bones

Author: Collected by Alvin Schwartz

Student: Victoria Johnson

Why this book? This book recalls memories of my 2nd grade self, sitting in a circle around a dimly lit candle (hot maple toddy scented to be exact) while my teacher read us one of these stories. I was always so genuinely freaked out by the bone-chilling tales and vividly eerie illustrations in the book, yet I loved the suspense and plot twists at each page turn and I would always check this book out for myself at the library. Some of the stories in this book still send a chill down my spine (and I’m 20 years old now), but it also reminds me of a time when life was just a little bit simpler. This book instilled in me a love of the horror genre, the month of October, and is probably the reason I still peek under my bed (just in case).

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