Sofia Villalobos Vega

Title: Legally Blonde

Author: Amanda Brown

Student: Sofia Villalobos Vega

Why this film? I moved to the United States when I was nine years old. Since then, I had confused feelings about whether I wanted to combine the passion I grew for fashion during my childhood in Costa Rica, or my newly found passion for the law in the United States. Both passions became one when I arrived at the University of Kentucky and decided to major in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles, with a minor in Political Science on a Pre-Law Track. Since my freshman year, I had always been asked if I was pursuing what Elle Woods did on Legally Blonde, and I did not know what people were referring to because I had never seen the movie. As an immigrant, I missed a lot of 2000s movies that my peers knew as classics. I decided to watch the movie my sophomore year, and it felt like Directory Amanda Brown made a movie about me! Legally Blonde combines my career worlds, and shows that women with non-traditional career paths such as mine can be successful. I will be beginning my career in intellectual property law for fashion the Fall 2021, and am looking forward to being as cool as Elle Woods one day! I thank UK Libraries for being my personal cheerleader throughout these past three years as a student worker, and giving me a place on campus to call home.

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