Christina Loscalzo

Title: The War with Catiline

Author: Sallust

Student: Christina Loscalzo

Why this book? During my first year of my Master’s program, I read The War with Catiline by Sallust. It was not the first time I had read a Latin text, but it was the first time I had read The War with Catiline. As I read and studied, I found myself stopping every few pages and turning to my partner to tell him about what was happening. I would be both in shock, awe, and bewilderment as I read the various descriptions and speeches of both Catiline and those of the senators. The history and writing kept me engaged and thinking as I compared the plots in the Roman republic with other parts of modern history. The text weaves together parts of the Roman history with Sallust’s own reflections on the morality of the times. My interaction with the text at the time prompted me to introduce the text with friends, family, and even my students. I hope that other people will also take time to read this book and reflect on not only the events of the past, but the ways it continues to influence and echo with other periods.

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