Gayathri Sampath

Title: The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Student:  Gayathri Sampath

Why this book?  The author creates an entire world of humans, animals and other species that defy human imagination.  Color and detail of every hue work together to compete this epic saga of the eternal fight of good and evil.

The portrayal of Sauron as the nameless, definitionless evil seems to bring out the evils that hide in every man.  Also the weakness and strength of each character are those all of us actually possess.

It is a great book and I love it for its passion–the imagination of the author who built it sequence by sequence.

As the rings and the plot thickens, the strength and moral fiber of the characters only stands between them and losing the fight.

I feel this book is a must read and would be proud to have this honor.

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