Samantha S. Lunger

  Title: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There/Lewis Carroll

Student:  Samantha S. Lunger

Why this book?   I chose this book because it has held a monumental amount of special meaning throughout my life. Since I was a child, my favorite film was Alice in Wonderland, and the moment I discovered the film’s point of origin, I was enthralled and utterly taken by the world created by Carroll. Historically, many have attempted to capture the imagination of Carroll via artfully unique images and have discovered the high level of raw creativity that such a task demands. Personally, my favorite rendition of the characters within this book is by artist Ralph Steadman, and anyone who has not been introduced to his work with “Alice” should enlighten themselves-you won’t be sorry! I do, however, also immensely enjoy the images provided by Mervyn Peake in this edition.

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