Zachary Wayne Fyffe

all quietTitle: All Quiet on the Western Front

Student: Zachary Wayne Fyffe

Why this book? All Quiet on the Western Front has always been one of my favorite books. I’m a huge history nerd. Most people who enjoy history like going to museums and watching documentaries. I, however, have always thought that learning about history in this way is insufficient. While these things can be interesting, they are often one-sided, and or superficial. As the old saying goes, history is written by the winners. I have always enjoyed oral history, talking to those who were there when the event happened as it happened; and bar none my favorite people to listen to are war veterans. War as told by a museum and war told by a veteran are very different. The book is about a soldier fighting for Germany in WWI. In the book it explains all the hardships experienced in war from death to returning to normal society. While the book is based on a German soldier, the story it tells and stories I’ve listened to have always made me appreciative of the sacrifices our soldiers make to fight for our country. The hardships they endure are far beyond what you will hear in a textbook or on TV. I hope everyone has a chance to really talk with a veteran on their experiences. It changed my entire outlook on just how much freedom in this country really costs.

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